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With the goal of bringing the most effective cancer immunotherapies to patients, Acteris seeks to partner with organizations to efficiently advance drug development and patient care.

Acteris partners with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to improve the development and commercialization of cancer immunotherapies. In addition, Acteris partners with diagnostic and services providers to most efficiently improve the process, platform and eventual commercialization of diagnostics based on the Acteris technology. At the foundation of our research and innovation, Acteris also partners with academic and research institutions with the hope of new promising discoveries.

“Acteris offers the potential to apply a new level of biologic understanding of mechanisms, activities, and predictive phenotypes to the revolutionary field of cancer immunotherapy. We believe that the Acteris platform can improve selection, development, and use of cancer immunotherapies to substantially improve patient outcomes.” – Daniel Dornbusch, CEO of Acteris